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Invite me into your sweet journey and I will document your authentic story while keeping your love as the focus.

for everyday adventures and intimate vows

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my heart is to serve you

come as you are, 

I take a natural and documentary-style approach to photography, focusing on genuine connection. I am here to hold space for you to be fully present and seek to capture images that truly reflect who you are.

My work is inspired by soulful storytelling and candid intimacy. I have an eye for detail with a heart full of intention.
I take notice of the tiny details - how the weather looked the morning of your day, the wildflowers, freckles, hand squeezes and side glances. 

I’ll give direction when needed in the most subtle way, but overall I am documenting your day as it naturally unfolds. Whether it’s an everyday adventure or an intimate gathering, I believe you should celebrate in a way that is authentically tailored to you

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