portrait photo of nia

My work is of what inspires me most – the sea, travel, tangled hair, earthly tones and rugged coastlines. I will always have a deep appreciation for slow God’s love. It fuels my soul and opens my heart to serve and love on others.

I grew up in barefoot – I loved being able to feel the soul of the earth through the soles of my feet. I have traveled and lived from coast to coast, crossing borders and boundaries and roaming cities and seas. 

I’m found in Jesus and share life with my hubby, Levi and mastiff pup. We got married by the sea surrounded by our closest loved ones. Our day was full of intimacy and joy. I believe God’s signature was written all over it.

I’m blessed for the opportunities I get to travel, the fabulous strangers passing through and spending days doing what I enjoy. I would love to connect with you, be a friend and embrace this sweet journey, together. 

I believe in the value and purpose behind every relationship, marriage and life.