Based IN Nova Scotia, but love to roam

Nia Chelsea, a nova scotia intimate wedding and elopement photographer

This is my journey.

I grew up in barefoot, exploring the soul of the land best through the soles of my feet. Throughout the years, I have traveled from coast to coast, crossed borders and boundaries and roamed cities and seas. My life is shared with my forever love, Levi and our mastiff pooch. I carry childlike faith with a heart to serve and an appetite for adventure.

My work is inspired by intimate spaces, genuine connection, rugged coastlines, earth tones and simplicity. Elopements and intimate weddings hold so much depth and thats what I love. After experiencing my own intimate wedding, I found myself gravitating towards small weddings.

Truly, I believe your wedding (big or small) should reflect who you are, the commitment and joy of becoming one and gathering with loved ones, in a place you love. If any of this nudges your heart, then I’d love to connect with you.

When I was a little girl, all I wanted was to marry the cute boy I wrote about in my journal - the one who made me smile. Traditions and all the fluff didn't matter to me because I simply wanted to marry my best friend, my person.

When Levi and I said our vows, it was by the sea on Thursday in September. We celebrated our day with the joy of becoming one, gathering with those close to our hearts, in a place we love.


my heart and approach