nia chelsea portrait


I grew up in bare foot, roaming wild beaches and rugged coastlines. For many years, I have traveled and lived from coast to coast, having an appetite for adventure.

I am always seeking to frame experiences that see the light and love in everything. I deeply appreciate meaningful conversations, simplicity and the love of Jesus.

My life is shared with my forever love and our mastiff pooch. When Levi and I got married, we were surrounded by those near to our hearts and chose the things that were meaningful to us. After experiencing our own wedding, my heart was drawn to serving others in a way that truly reflects who they are.


Elopements + intimate weddings move away from traditions and expectations.
It enters into a place of rest, allowing you to be fully present. It allows you to really
connect with each other, and the people you love on a much deeper level.

So, marry the cute boy you wrote about in your journal - the one who makes you smile.
And, I truly believe if you just do that, you won't regret all the extra stuff.